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That moment after you wash your hair

So its 9:30 pm and your out of the shower and the last thing you want to do is blow-dry and style your hair for the next day. Ah, ill just hit it with the flat iron tomorrow once it's dry, or pop some waves in with my curler. I'll get some extra sleep and I don't have to cause "more damage" by blowdrying. AHHH when I know this is the thought process because this used to be MY thought process.


My clients, friends, family and even kids often confuse blowdrying your hair as a bad thing. "Too much heat'... 'its not good to pull on the hair'... ' I'm not styling it anyway... " all valid reasons except for all of them...

Im a fan of all things stimulating for the scalp, especially when it comes to blowdrying.

Your hair looks 1000% better just being smoothed out and your scalp feels like it just had a face lift. Rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world.

It's super important to understand what your head and hair want and need. Pulling and causing stimulation to the scalp is great for creating more hair growth and circulation to the scalp which makes YOU and YOUR HAIR feel amazing. It's a full body feeling and it all start with the blow-dry.

So next time you decide you want to just let it air dry instead of blowing that kitty out, think of how good you do feel when you do it, or get it done.

Can't blow-dry with a brush AND blowdryer? Try the REVLON - instyler. It is a brush and blowdryer in one, with boar bristles and a cool temp to seal the cuticle for the most added shine and bounce.

But I'll get into my favorite blow dry hacks on the next post :)




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