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Cut Your Hair According to the Moon say what???

What? Like you've never heard of it! hahaha actually I never have until I started researching hair growth and how to master having the longest and raddest hair. We know about Rosemary Oil for a healthy scalp, Rice Water to increase the protein and hair growth, Castor Oil for the eyelashes.. but I never thought to think about the roots and power of the Moons energy.

The Moon has the power to keep our Ocean waters at bay or cause them to ripple and move like they are the emotions of the Earth. If it wasn't for the Moon, Earths equilibrium would be totally off. Did you know that the Moon doesn't glow our have a natural light to it. It's just the reflection of the Sun when its on the opposite side! How crazy is that!?

So, where did this theory come from? Good question, Upon my research I found that farmers actually used the Moon to benefit when to plant and harvest their crops. Which TOTALLY WORKED!!!

Accelerated hair growt during the waxing moon promote hair growth after a haircut, Therefore, you should cut your hair between the new and full moon if you want your hair to grow fast after a haircut.

So the next time you decide you want a change or cutting the old to welcome the new, make sure you pay attention to what phase the moon is in.

Do you believe that hair growth and self care can be beneficial when connected to the moon?

  • Yes ! I've heard about this and agree

  • No way! I don't believe this

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